His Babies

Someone is hiccupping inside of me right now. I’m sure that sounds strange to some, but probably super normal/memorable for other mothers. There’s a lot going on in my life and in my body right now, but somehow, by God’s good grace, I am managing just fine.

I saw my OBGYN today and found out that (based off the last ultrasound from a few days ago), my babies are both weighing about 4lbs. I am carrying 8lbs in baby alone! And I am measuring as though I am 40 weeks pregnant, although I’m just 32 weeks right now. My pregnancy app says that they’re the size of cantaloupes! To say that I’m uncomfortable most of the time would be an understatement :l I’m not sleeping well (I have to wake up to move several times a night, I’m getting up ~2 times a night to pee, and my husband has been snoring up a storm!). Braxton hicks are a reality in my life right now. I feel them daily; strong tightening in my abdomen and major discomfort. Every time I move from a sitting position to stand, I feel like I’m going to pee myself. I can’t sit comfortably anymore (my belly rests on my legs when I sit). The heartburn is constant and annoying. I don’t like being on my feet for long. I have had a kink in my hip since before the halfway mark in this pregnancy. And I’m living with a super adorable, yet super demanding 20 month old who is learning how to communicate better and becoming more and more adventurous in her mobility. She is capable of going up and down the stairs on her own (on her bum), but of course demands that mommy carry her. And demands that mommy pick her up. And mommy has to read countless books to her (she loves reading, which is wonderful!). However, she tries to force herself into my lap (pressing and inching her way as far as she can against my big belly). And, lately, she seems to have a case of spring fever when she daily screams “walk!” whenever we are coming or going to or from our house. It’s definitely a tough place to be right now! My OBGYN today was telling me how well I’ve been doing and I felt like a total champ! I mostly keep these struggles to myself, but she “gets” it and I appreciate that.

My poor husband though. He listens to me complain of my ailments each day. He feels me elbow him in the middle of the night when he’s snoring. Or, wakes up when I return to bed from a bathroom break in the dead of night and asks how I’m doing. He’s the one doing the majority of the laundry right now (the baskets are too heavy for me to carry, it’s too awkward trying to maneuver my belly around a basket to get things into the washer and dryer). He’s the one on toddler duty the moment he comes home from work. And thank goodness for him, because I definitely couldn’t make it through each day without him by my side. He’s also the one who constantly reminds me that these are God’s babies.

We had no intention/plan of having twins (or even adding just one baby to our family) this year. So, he is right when he tells me that these are God’s babies. They are part of a plan that must be much larger than our own. It’s funny how life can be so unexpected at times. I never imagined myself as a “twin mom” and thought we’d wait until our little girl was around 3 years old when we added a new baby to our family. But, God is good and He is carrying us through this time in our lives. I have no other word to use other than it’s “crazy” when I describe being pregnant with twins or trying to imagine life with twin newborns. It must be so crazy to me because it wasn’t part of my plan. But, regardless, I see God’s handiwork and goodness shining through this pregnancy.

They’re God’s babies, after all.

He has brought us through …

  • First & second trimester morning sickness. I was terribly sick with my daughter (throughout the entire pregnancy). Thankfully, this time, the sickness passed a few weeks into the second trimester and I’ve been in the clear since! I can even drink coffee occasionally (something I couldn’t stomach my first pregnancy)
  • Multiple scares and red flags throughout the first half of this pregnancy… several ultrasounds and doctor’s appointments, including a trip to see a specialist in Toronto because there was a 16% growth difference between the two, and a discrepancy in fluid. A few weeks after the specialist visit, we were told that our babies may have a chromosome defect (we still don’t know if they do or don’t. It doesn’t matter either way. They are our babies and we will love them the same, regardless).
  • Second trimester biweekly ultrasounds and a few more scares, including a few visits to triage at the hospital and doctor’s orders to stop working (just a few days short of my original planned deadline). I felt a great amount peace throughout this time
  • Third trimester weekly stress tests at the hospital, and weekly ultrasounds and doctor’s visits. Everything is looking good right now and I’m feeling so thankful to have made it this far in my pregnancy… I’d still like to make it further though for the benefit of these little ones
  • Gathering/receiving supplies. We need two of everything (obviously). We’ve been blessed with family and friends wanting to help and passing on things to us that we need. We’re ready to go with all the necessities now (an extra crib, bassinet, carseat, baby seat). It has been so wonderful and appreciated and has taken a huge load off us since we don’t have to worry about these things now!
  • The prayer support from our coworkers, family, and friends. I can feel it; God’s presence is carrying us through.

My hospital bag is packed and we’re ready (I’m definitely ready to be done being pregnant, but also want to keep them in a bit longer so they won’t be too small/pre-me). They are beautiful and I’ve seen God’s hands working all throughout this pregnancy. And although I’d love to be done with the poking and probing of weekly ultrasounds, I also really love going for them because I get a snapshot of God’s handiwork in the lives of my precious babies. Pregnancy is truly a miracle and I’m getting antsy to meet these two gifts that are straight from heaven.



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