So, it’s been a little while since I’ve sat down to write. I just went back and reread some older posts and had to laugh at the post I made entitled No Hurry, all about how my husband and I were pretty sure we were going to wait a little while before we decided to have more kids. Ha! Well, guess what: we’re surprisingly expecting again, and this time, doubly surprised as we found out it’s TWINS. So, we are anticipating our lives becoming a lot more interesting and crazy with two new arrivals coming in the next five-and-a-half months! Yikes!

Since I wasn’t expecting to be pregnant when I found out in August, I asked my doctor for a dating ultrasound. When I went for the ultrasound, I thought something was terribly wrong. The tech was taking a really, really long time. Eventually, she asked me if anyone was with me and I said that I was there by myself, so she turned the screen towards me to show me, what I thought, was just one baby. I could see a little, tiny, person with a little, flickering heartbeat and my heart was so happy! Then she panned away and said, “And over here, there’s another baby.” I was shocked. I just started crying, but not out of sadness. I just felt overcome with love and peace and contentment, like this was just how things were meant to be. I truly believed God’s presence was with me in that little, dark room. Nothing else can explain just how content my heart was. I saw those little, tiny people who were not fully formed yet, and I loved them immensely, immediately. I felt the innate desire that I had to keep them safe and bring them safely into the world. I was sobbing uncontrollably while getting dressed afterwards. And then, I asked the tech at least ten questions before exiting (like if she could tell right away that there were twins in there and if she could tell if they’re identical).

I loved my husband’s reaction. He was just so joyful, ecstatic, when he looked at the ultrasound photo and shouted, “We are having TWINS?!”

I feel like every person we have told has been utterly shocked, as were we. And our lives are already beginning to change drastically.

Our current home is a little story-and-a-half, two bedroom, one bathroom house that we bought 2 years ago. When we bought it, we thought we’d get at least five years out of it. But now, we are expecting to move in 32 days! The process of buying a new house and selling our current one was timely and unexpectedly easy. It’s become so clear how God is working in our lives. We were praying over the prospect of moving, and then everything fell into place.

Three months ago, we bought a two year old Mazda CX5. We love that vehicle, but we’re giving it up for an older, larger one, as we think the room to store three carseats, strollers (and being able to hull groceries) is more important than our pretty, new SUV. We’re still Mazda fans through and through, and we’re expecting to trade in our CX5 for a CX9 in a few days!

Up until the end of August, I wasn’t expecting to not be able to finish the school year. That has been a piece of this pregnancy journey that has been hard on me. I love my job, teaching grade 1 at a Christian school. I’m sad to have to leave partway through the year. One positive piece that I’m taking away from this challenge is that my colleagues have been so supportive and understanding. I feel bad having so many OB appointments and ultrasounds and leaving my “kids” in the hands of others, as that messes up their routines, so I try to avoid it as best I can. Being a teacher is a huge juggling act sometimes. I know that my twins and my health are my priority, but I have a great desire to do the best I can at my work and manage to teach for as long as I’m able. Lord willing, I’ll be able to go for four more months (hopefully!)

So, aside from twins, my husband and I are expecting several changes over the next little while: a new house, new vehicle, and another maternity leave coming up.

If you’re reading this and you know me personally and, come April, would like to come over and hold a baby or entertain a toddler, just drop by 😉

P.S. Here’s an update on our girl: Our now 16 month old is doing so well and she really loves babies! Always greets them wit hugs and kisses and snuggles her baby doll daily. I know she’ll be a great big sister.


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