**Just a heads up, this is a very personal post ūüėČ read at your own discretion. I’m one of those people who likes to know everything, all the details, always, so if you’re like me, go ahead and read on ūüôā

My last post was all about the body image struggles I faced after giving birth. I’ve come so far from that place. Today I’m singing praises to myself about my body; thankful for all it went through, and thankful that I got a nice long break from menstruation.

Tomorrow my daughter will be 7 months old and I just got my first period post-birth. The last time I got a period was September 9, 2015! (I remember this date because every early pregnancy appointment and ultrasound¬†depended on knowing this date) (and I’m not counting the post birth stuff that happens… the uterus is acting more like a¬†healing wound¬†then, so it’s not a period).

There are so many benefits that come from choosing to breastfeed one’s baby. We always hear¬†about the many benefits for the baby, but it also really benefits the mom too. One of my favourite among the list of benefits is the lack of a period (kind of a selfish one, I know ūüėČ ). It’s like a grace period for nursing moms. Some women can go a whole year without getting a period! I almost made it to 7 months, and I’m actually quite happy with that. Once a mother’s body¬†goes longer¬†stretches between nursing (ie. all night long), it is likely that her period will return. Since my baby now sleeps 10-12 hours at night (by some crazy miracle, right?!), I had an inkling that my monthly visit from Mother Nature would be coming soon.

Just this past week I told one of my good friends and my husband that I would like very much for my body to get back to normal. I¬†had expressed that I am proud of myself for nursing this¬†far, especially since¬†I had a rough time starting out and wasn’t sure that I’d be able to breastfeed long-term. I also told them that it wouldn’t bother me if I got my period back. And now today: BAM! We’re right back at it. (But breastfeeding is still going strong and I plan to continue until my baby is at least a year if I/she can help it!)

My periods have always been so bad and painful at the start. I would get hot flashes and then cold sweats, extreme pain in my lower abdomen and pelvic area right through to my lower back and sometimes my thighs would just ache for a few days straight. Taking pain meds didn’t help much at all, but would just make super tired. All of these aches and pains¬†started hitting me last night and it was brutal! I seemed to have forgotten what a period was like! Like Mother Nature was taunting me –¬†be careful what you wish for¬†– I guess.

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I turned to my husband and told him that I was just really uncomfortable and that the pain was getting increasingly worse as the evening wore on. I also expressed how I forgot what a period was like. “This pain is no fun,” I remember saying, “But nothing compared to going through contractions, so I’ll just suck it up.” And then he said, “You’re such a trooper.” And as I crawled into bed I just¬†felt so so so very much appreciative for all that my body does each month when it menstruates and how it was able to carry and deliver a child. Kudos to you, sweet body of mine.

Women, let’s all be gentle on ourselves and appreciate all that our bodies do naturally.

And one last thing: Peta Murgatroyd was mentioned on Good Morning America this morning. They were addressing her Instagram post about her postpartum body where she wrote:

Real life: I took this photo 8 days post birth. I left the hospital looking 5 months pregnant. Many people think a woman should shrink right back to her pre-birth weight immediately. That is just not the truth for most. The female body is incredible and resilient, but healing and strengthening take time. Now it’s time for patience and hard work. Lots of love to all the new mamas out there on the journey.”
You can see here post here:

Thank you Peta for keeping it real and loving your body!

Now, let’s all go do the same!



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