Hey there!

Welcome! I’m brand new to this whole blog world and just want to say: thanks for dropping by!

I’m also a brand new mom. On days when we don’t have doctors appointments, visits with friends and family, or play dates (I’m totally submerged in this mom thing, right?!) you can find me cruising around town, blasting Taylor Swift, just to get my baby to nap. Always a much needed nap. I’ve really become accustomed to these aimless drives; there’s something to be said about having some time to myself, going where I want to go, exploring neighbouring streets, and scoping out pretty old houses. All in the name of ‘let her sleep’. I’ve even gone so far as to space out the errands I need to run each week so that I have different places to go on different days, just so I can get my child a 30 minute nap (or longer, always hoping for longer). And, in doing this, my sanity is somewhat kept (can I get an ‘amen’?)!

On said days when I’m just driving around for the sake of hoping to gain a few extra napping minutes, I drink a lot of coffee (McDonald’s drive thru, yo), and my mind, on its caffeine induced state, does a lot of thinking.

Hence, I’m starting a blog. So thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

P.S. the weather is getting colder and once it snows, it won’t be sensible for me to go on meaningless excursions. So here’s hoping I don’t go stir crazy at home!  And that my child will (finally) learn to nap in her crib (it’s been done before, but always short lived – we’re talking 20 minutes. Tops.). Although my naptime-exploration-cruise around the city days are probably coming to an end, I will still be drinking copious amounts of coffee and will continue writing any epiphanies, anecdotes, funny stories, things about my life, etc. on here 🙂

Have a nice day!



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